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Cameracraft - Downloadable Editions:

01. Q4 2012
01. Q4 2012 Direct Download! (Pdf, 17 MB)
 Cameracraft Update

Chasing Shadows by David Kilpatrick
Work in Progress – David Tarn’s ‘One’ project
Change and Decay a progress report
Déja View – seen today, scene yesterday
Cameracraft Portfolio – the Art of Trevor & Faye Yerbury
Cameracraft Future Plans and Binders
The Glass Menagerie – New Life for Old Lenses
The Friedman Files - When the iron curtain came up on a stage show
Gentlemen Only Take Polaroids - The Impossible Dream
Price: $3.99
02.  Q1 2013
02. Q1 2013 Direct Download! (Pdf, 1 MB)
 Cover - The Dark Hedges, Ireland by Paul Gallagher

What’s in a Name? - Looking back and looking forward
Cameracraft Update
Time & Tide by David Kilpatrick - The decisive moment can be more than instantaneous
Work in Progress – Al Evans records life’s small details
Guided Nirvana – Leo Edwards plans encounters in Nepal
Déja View – seen today, scene yesterday
Cameracraft Portfolio – White Ice, Black Sands
Paul Gallagher in Iceland
Sensor Sensibility – Understanding Today’s Formats
The Friedman Files -A budget home studio using wireless flash
Plastic Passions – Lomo, Holga and the retro fashion
Richard Kilpatrick is blurred, soft and badly exposed
Rearview - Your images, and the story of a classic portrait
Price: $3.99
03.  Q2 2013
03. Q2 2013 Direct Download! (Pdf, 936 kB)
 Cover - Education by Christopher Bradbury

Suggestions for Photographers - A book celebrates the 60th anniversary of the conquest of Everest
Cameracraft Update
High & Low by David Kilpatrick
How the height of your lens above ground changes images
Dangerous Recreation – Greg Daly captures the Sealed Knot in historical re-enactment
An Argument without Resolution
Déjà View – old artefact versus modern unpleasant fact
Cameracraft Portfolio – Pinhole Photography of Jürgen Kechner 
Getting Under Your Skin – Photojournalism
Paul Glendell documents an unchanged industry
Beyond the Fringe – Lens Bokeh and Colour
The Friedman Files - The Faces of China
Things to Make and Do - Richard Kilpatrick assembles the Recesky kit camera
Silver Surfing – the surviving brands and types of film
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
04. Q3 2013
04. Q3 2013 Direct Download! (Pdf, 3 MB)
 Cover Filling the Void – by José Ramos, Lisbon

Two lives, two influences: Bill Brandt and Les Corbusier
Cameracraft Update
The Colour of Light 
Light From Within – Melissa Teo.  Transcendental colour, light, shade, movement and
spiritual impressionism. 
Publishing and Internet presence, Binders and Back Issues
Déjà View – ‘ghosts’ in the battlefield of Gettysburg
Cameracraft Portfolio – Colour & Light on the Atlantic Shore
Unseen in Istanbul – Mark Seymour travels the streets in monochrome
The Friedman Files - The Artist’s Light
Shift & Tilt - We present a moveable feast of lenses
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
05. Q4 2013
05. Q4 2013 Direct Download! (Pdf, 20 MB)
 Cover Photo by John Moran

A Century of Colour - From a 1908 book on ‘new’ colour processes to a 2013
book on the history of materials to the present day
Cameracraft Update
On Reflection - Unlike most animals, we know what reflections are
Distorted Visions – Peter Karry.  A lifelong reflection-chaser’s favourite maritime city.
Springs Eternal – Florida’s threatened beauty.  John Moran’s views above and below the surface
Déjà View – a decade of change at Devil’s Eye
Cameracraft Portfolio – Lakeland Silver Steven Taylor’s hand prints 
The Golden Land – Marc Pecquet discovers newly accessible Myanmar
The Friedman Files - Reflected Light, in the studio and outdoors
The Alchemist’s Workshop - Richard Kilpatrick takes a Trip into the woods
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
06.  Q1 2014
06. Q1 2014 Direct Download! (Pdf, 19 MB)
 Cover by Martin Klimas

Untried and Untested - Are new cameras being brought to market before teething troubles are identified?
Cameracraft Update
Go With the Flow by David Kilpatrick - Musing on water and photography
Underwater Studio – Ian Cartwright.  Aqua Babies!
The Fall Guy – Nick Jenkins on waterfalls
Déjà View – heritage of the Forth Bridge
Cameracraft Portfolio – Martin Klimas.  Sonic studies of liquids and bullet-shattered flower vases
Going to Extremes – Richard Bradbury.  Travelling the world to capture Guinness World Records
The Friedman Files - Everything but… the kitchen sync! 
Triggered Responses - Richard Kilpatrick finishes up our time with flash
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
07.  Q2 2014
07. Q2 2014 Direct Download! (Pdf, 24 MB)
 Cover Bronze by Catherine McIntyre

Thinking Inside the Box - Afghan Box Camera is a fascinating visual record of yore
Cameracraft Update
Processed or Pure? by David Kilpatrick - The narrow line between routine ‘effect’ of
digital images and genuine creative control
Small World – Jason Friend.  It’s time to give up your addiction to ‘professional’ DSLR
Déjà View – an Iron Age forest emerges from the sea
Cameracraft Portfolio – Catherine McIntyre
Minders & Fixers – Michael Yamashita
The National Geographic photojournalist tells
us why photography is not just about camerawork
The Friedman Files - Gary’s Worst Trip Ever
Painting with Light - Richard Kilpatrick discovers the Kick and other lights
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
08.  Q3 2014
08. Q3 2014 Direct Download! (Pdf, 26 MB)
 Cover Photo by Steve Walton.

Kodak City - Disapassionate records of Rochester, NY, now that film is
no longer king
Cameracraft Update
Tilt & Shift 2 by David Kilpatrick
Photo Quest – Peter Karry and the value of one small photo travel service
Déjà View – London’s skyline, by Vincent Oliver
Cameracraft Portfolio – Steve Walton
American Artifacts – Phil Bergerson, a documentary photographer whose paired pictures tell strange stories
The Friedman Files - From Dusk to Dawn
Perfect Coincidence - Richard Kilpatrick on Foveon’s pixels 
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
09.  Q4 2014
09. Q4 2014 Direct Download! (Pdf, 23 MB)
 Cover by Glyn Davies

The Landscape - Paul Wakefield’s new work
Cameracraft Update reports from photokina 2014
Wide Choice by David Kilpatrick
The Samyang 12mm ƒ2 and the Skink Pinhole Pancake
Into the Fire – An expedition to photograph Iceland’s latest eruptions
A Capital Day – Peter Karry.  Practical advice on making a photographic visit to London
Déjà View – Child Migrants of Empire and Commonwealth
Cameracraft Portfolio – Glyn Davies
Eyewitness – David Levene.  The Guardian newspaper retains a special place for large
colour images
The Friedman Files - Memories of Israel
Flying into the Light - How David & Shirley Kilpatrick captured an owl’s wingbeat
Eyes to the Sea – competition winners
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
10.  Q1 2015
10. Q1 2015 Direct Download! (Pdf, 16 MB)
 Cover By Sascha Reinhardt. 

The Decisive Moment - reprinted after 62 years
Cameracraft Update Nikon, wides, bokeh and Lytro Illum
Penography by Vicki-Lea Boulter.  Combining hand-drawn art with custom photography
Freeze Frame – Sprague Theobald.  The saga of an expedition to brave the Northwest Passage
Street HDR – John Credland.  A pocket camera producing HDR grab shots
Déjà View – Eric Houlder’s archaeology 
Cameracraft Portfolio – Kate Cooper.  Cuisine Noire… with a special approach to lighting
Captivating Captures - Make the zoo, wildlife park or sanctuary a place to catch
pictures people love
The Friedman Files - A Momentary Flashback – colour-back lighting
Closer Encounters - A guide to close focus ranges and subject scale
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
11.  Q2 2015
11. Q2 2015 Direct Download! (Pdf, 25 MB)
 Cover By Lawson Wood

Acquisitions: new at London’s National Portrait Gallery

Update: David Kilpatrick on developments to note
StreamScapes: an exhibition by Michéla Griffith
Perfect Timing: Patrick Ward interviewed by Gary Friedman
Isolated on White: Edwin Brosens puts insects into his field studio
Déjà View: Make Yourself at Home at Chatsworth House
Cameracraft Portfolio: the World under the Waves of Lawson Wood
Capturing Kolkata & Funding Hope: Mark Seymour joins a workshop aimed at raising funds to help the children of the streets
Your First Wedding: Gary Friedman offers practical advice for the non-professional asked to cover a wedding
Enforcing the Lore – Lenses in Focus: David Kilpatrick on the facts and fiction of those lenses you can’t do without
Rearview – our image gallery
Price: $3.99
12.  Q3 2015
12. Q3 2015 Direct Download! (Pdf, 19 MB)
 Cover by Matthew Emmett

Books: FACE by Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden
Update: David Kilpatrick from a busy summer
Soft & Close: impressionistic macro flower studies by Treeza Condon
Phone Encounters: Danny Cass muses on the art of getting up much too close with people
Technical: Filter Reflections from David Kilpatrick as the various grades of coating reveal their performance
Déjà View: revisiting an ‘everlasting’ subject 20 years on
Cameracraft Portfolio: Architectural Archaeology by Matthew Emmett
The Making of Image: Keith Sutter and a Dancer in the Waves
Mythbusting: Gary Friedman rants to refute the homilies of Those Who Know Better Then You Do
A Little Byte of History: Richard Kilpatrick recovered a Hasselblad newspaper picture desk
system from the dawn of the digital era
Rearview – your image gallery
Price: $3.99
13. Nov-Dec 2015
13. Nov-Dec 2015 Direct Download! (Pdf, 35 MB)
 COVER - By Stuart Wood

DENCH DOES DALLAS - A new arts venue in Bermondsey
THE POWER OF A SMILE - A photo library by Ingrid Mårn
THE JUMP BOOK REPRINTED - Philippe Halsman’s leap of imagination and technology, 1959
TEST: FUJIFILM X-T10 + 90mm by Richard Kilpatrick
TEST: SONY A7R II + LENSES by David Kilpatrick
TEST: CANON EOS 5DS R - David Kilpatrick maxes megapixels
SHOOTING FROM THE HIP - Continuing our street photography articles by Kenneth Martin
FEATURE - Kevin Mullins, Aztec Photography and David Smithard – One Vision
COVER STORY: SEASONAL SHIFT - Stuart Wood on the best assignment ever with Joanna
Lumley in Moscow’s midwinter
PORTFOLIO: HOLLY BURNS - ƒ2 Cameracraft featured portfolio
SMALL STUDIOS - Our big round-up feature asks four successful photographers how they fit their work into some of the smallest spaces 
GO GREEN SCREEN - Gary Friedman introduces his own small studio and his budget solutions for pictures with BIG backgrounds
PROTECT AND SURVIVE - David Kilpatrick suffers a sudden loss of memory and describes the steps taken towards recovery
TEST: BENQ SW2700PT 27" - a 10-bit, 27-inch high grade screen for under £500
TEST: ZKIN BAGS - Richard Kilpatrick finds the Kraken and Raw Hydra small but good
LIGHT READING - Martin Grahame-Dunn has been training Australia’s judges
UNDERXPOSURE - David Bigwood has been selling prints to augment stock income
YOUR VISION - Our gallery sponsored by top lab, One Vision Imaging
Price: $3.99
14.  Jan - Feb 2016
14. Jan - Feb 2016 Direct Download! (Pdf, 39 MB)
REFUGEE CAMP CAMERA - Charity gives Syrian children a
chance to portray their lives
BOOKS: POWER IN PEOPLE - Titles packed with human interest
TEST: TAMRON 35mm & 45mm
TEST: MIRRORLESS MACRO - We team up Sigma’s 60mm ƒ2.8 Art DN lens with MEIKE tubes
TEST: NIKON’s new 200-500mm - Keith Morris is one of the first professionals to use this affordable lightweight long zoom
STREET PORTRAITURE - Concluding our street photography series by Kenneth Martin
THE LACK OF SOCKS - The story of a street portrait by Steve Lawson
NORTHERN LIGHT - Arch White provides the photographs and Edinburgh provides the fireworks!
PORTFOLIO: JOHN MISKELLY - Awarded a Fellowship by the
British Institute of Professional Photography, John captures
shoreline scenes at all times of year
SHOW BUSINESS - Gavin Stoker asks four professionals about their music and performance specialisations – with Keith Morris, Jill Furmanovsky, Dean Chalkley and Mick Hutson
 IT’S MY LIFE - Diane Henderson has over 1,000 music videos up on YouTube
BILLBOARD FOR WINTER BALLET - Roger Spencer Jones uses large format colour negative for a superized promotional shoot
WORLDS APART - Gary Friedman down under
TEST: EL SKYPORT PLUS HS - Mark Cleghorn on location with the new hi-sync dedicated trigger
LIGHT READING - Richard Kilpatrick talks to Martin Grahame-Dunn’s ‘Take 4’ students
UNDERXPOSURE - David Bigwood on gallery orders and seasonal opportunities
YOUR VISION - Our gallery sponsored by top lab One Vision Imaging
Price: $3.99
15. March - April 2016
15. March - April 2016 Direct Download! (Pdf, 31 MB)
NEWS & DIARY  Launches from Nikon, Leica, Fujifilm and Olympus and more

THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW - A preview of the March 19th-22nd event at Birmingham’s NEC
CES 2016 LAS VEGAS - Gary Friedman reports from the Consumer Electronic Show 
MEET THE VICTORS - The Hasselblad Masters 2016 – ten images given a top award
THE LENS AS BRUSH - David Kilpatrick picks up the story of a street shot which gained critical acclaim 
PAPER TEST: PERMAJET FINE ART - We look at five revised or new gallery grade papers from the British manufacturer
PLAYING TO THE GALLERY - Gavin Stoker talks about the world of gallery print sales
NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK - Kenneth Martin popularised his tightly controlled black and white technique – and freed portrait photographers from the need for huge white spaces
EXHIBITION: PHOTOGRAPHY - The British Institute of Professional Photography is touring 
LIGHT READING - Martin Grahame-Dunn explains why he takes his photographic students round galleries of painting and sculpture 
IRISH EYE - Stephen Power returns to commercial photography 
YOUR VISION - Our gallery sponsored by top lab One Vision Imaging
Price: $3.99
See our stock image gallery at www.FriedmanArchives.com