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An Introduction to Sonys Wireless Flash Lecture - DVD

An Introduction to Sonys Wireless Flash Lecture - DVD

Many people have heard about wireless flash, but think that it's too expensive or too complicated or the results are not worth the modest effort. For these folks, Gary Friedman has created a very non-intimidating Wireless Flash Introduction, which was presented in Malaysia in March 2011.

In the course of this 50-minute video, you'll also learn:

* The best and worst ways to use your pop-up flash (it's not always the worst light you can get!)
* The basics of Wireless Flash A live demonstration of Wireless Flash in use (and how the the dramatic portrait above was taken!)
* How the Flash Protocol works What you can do with 1, 2, and 3 wireless flashes The one trick for making dating site portraits more appealing. :-)
* Plus more!

You are buying a physical DVD which will be mailed to your door. There is also an instantly-downloadable version (300 MB in size) available for only $9.95. Click here to order the downloadable video instead.
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